Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Safe in the Arms of Jesus

Click picture for larger view

This stunning picture was taken by the father of a friend on his iphone.  I am told that the man was playing songs like “Amazing Grace” and the theme from “Chariots of Fire” as he watched that beautiful sunrise.  This verse in the Psalms spoke to my heart as I searched for the verse to use on this scripture card.  Because of God's amazing grace we do have a hiding place to seek protection during times of trouble.  In the arms of Jesus we are surrounded with the promise of His deliverance.  We may not always understand why He allows the trials that we face in this life, but we can rest assured that His reason is for good and that His provision will always be sufficient.  My prayer is that the Lord will find me yielded and ready to grow stronger spiritually during those times, and that He will be glorified by my testimony to others during those times.

Music is the language of the soul, and I encourage you to fill your heart with spiritual songs that will help you express your love for the Savior and your gratitude for His inexplicable, unconditional love for you!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Truths from Rainbows and Flowers

Just sharing a couple of more scripture cards.  This first one is a composite of three that my husband put together with the magic of computer software.  My son-in-law took the pictures on his iphone at the beach a few days ago.  I just wish I could have seen it all in person.  The whole family was in awe at the beauty on display as they watched it come into focus.  You will have to click on the picture to better see the double rainbow crowning the first.

This second card declares a truth that I cling to when the times get tough.

If God takes so much care in giving me a flower of such delicate beauty to enjoy and nourishes it with the cleansing rain, oh how much more will He be faithful to His care and provision of those who love and trust Him.

Friday, March 16, 2012

God's Truth and Creation's Beauty in a Snapshot

I am eager to get back to having regular postings, but it is taking time to get back on track.  I am still praying about what direction to take next.  I have so many scripture cards that I haven't shared with you yet, that I thought I would share a few more.  I pray that as you enjoy the beauty of creation's setting you will take the time to meditate on the truth shared on each card------and may you be blessed as you contemplate what is yours in Jesus.

This first picture was taken at our Christmas sunrise this year.  (Click on pic for a larger view.)

The next picture was taken at a lighthouse near St. Augustine, Florida.

The following is a picture from my sister & brother-in-law's vacation out west.