Wednesday, December 4, 2019


I hope you hear the heart behind my Christmas poem this year.  My prayer is that you will celebrate Christmas as a part of my spiritual family of faith.  Don't be deceived by the lies of the enemy.  Turn to Jesus before it's too late!

I remember Christmas
As a day of joy and love
A time to share with others
Our Gift from God above.

A day uniquely set apart
To celebrate the birth
Of Jesus, God’s beloved Son
The day He came to earth.

He came to be a sacrifice
To suffer in our place
To pay the debt for all our sin
A stunning act of grace!

So many in the world today
No longer understand
The reason that we celebrate
Why God became a man.

Those of us who love the Lord
And live to honor His name
To stand in truth upon His word
Are ridiculed and shamed.

That attitude is another sign
That Jesus is coming soon
To take His family home before
His vengeance and wrath ensue.

So turn to Christ without delay
Be cleansed from all your sin
And look with hope to the future
To an eternal life with Him.