Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Just wanted to wish you a joyous Easter and share a piece of my heart.

As I reflect on Jesus’ life
And how He came to die
To make a way for me to come
And live with Him on high,
I’ll never understand such love
No matter how I try.

He emptied Himself in humility 
To become a human babe
To live as a man just like Adam
Temptation and testing to face
Submitting in love to His Father
What great sacrifice He made!

He suffered much in sorrow
Despised and rejected by men
Spit on and brutally beaten
Sentenced to die in the end
Then hung in shame on a cross
As He took on the weight of our sin.

Jeered and mocked as He hung there
His heart surely breaking in two
He prayed, “Father, forgive them
For they know not what they do.”
He focused in love on His purpose—
Redemption for me and for you.

He finally gave up the spirit
And they laid Him in a tomb
Only to find three days later
He had risen to life anew
Providing the gift of salvation—
New life for me and for you.

This gift is free for the taking
All you have to do is receive
There’s no way you can earn it
So don’t let others deceive
Repent of your sin and accept it
Just open your heart and believe.