Friday, October 25, 2019


This poem I wrote a few years ago has been coming to mind again, so I thought I would do a repost.  It just seems to me that things are ramping up according to God's prophetic word so quickly!  I want people to recognize the signs of the times.  Jesus berated the religious leaders of His day for not recognizing the prophetic signs that declared Him to be the Messiah.  I believe He would do the same to those of us in the "church" that refuse to warn others that time is running out.  It won't be long before He exacts His wrath on those who are His enemies, those who have rejected the gift of salvation made possible by the sacrifice of Jesus.  Before He exacts His wrath, He is coming to take those that have accepted that gift, that have become part of His family, to heaven.  I don't want you to be left behind!

Do you not see
The signs of the times
Foretold by the prophets of old?

Distress among nations
Moral decay
A focus on pleasures and gold.

Sin is abounding
Consciences seared 
God’s word is no longer revered.

His truth is rejected 
Wrong declared right
Accepted by many and cheered.

Deception is rampant
Blasphemy common
Those that are good are despised.

Natural affections
Are being rejected 
We’re urged to support gay pride.

The family unit
Is being destroyed
Marriage has been redefined.

Boys are girls
Girls are boys
Gender a choice of the mind.

Advances in science
Are crossing the bounds
Established by God at creation.

Experiments done
They quickly explain
For man’s good as their justification.

Satellites, lasers
Computers and chips
The powers that be want control.

Agendas prepared
Alliances formed
As Satan’s influence grows.

Most important 
Of all the signs
Declared to be part of God’s plan.

Descendants of Abraham
Isaac and Jacob
Are living once more in their land.

The prophet Ezekiel 
Predicted the rise
Of dusty dry bones from the earth.

The nation of Israel
A home for the Jews
In one day declared its rebirth.

Life is no different 
Than in Noah’s day
He preached and warned in vain.

Mocking and laughing
They called him a fool
Til one day the flood waters came.

One day soon
Millions will vanish
Taken by God to heaven.

Perilous times
Will then ensue
Full of terror, pain and oppression.

Many still try
But it can’t be denied
God’s word is faithful and true.

Turn from your sin
Be born again
Experience a life that is new.

Jesus died
Upon the cross
He suffered for your salvation.

The choice you make
To receive Him or not
Will determine your soul’s destination.

Do you not see
The signs of the times
Foretold by the prophets of old?

Don’t put it off
Accept Jesus today
Become safe and secure in His hold.