Saturday, March 26, 2016


Jesus came; His purpose set
To die upon the cross.
To pay the debt of sin I owed
Despite to Him the cost.

He came to do the Fathers will
Defeating death and sin.
Giving me a precious gift
A new life to begin.

He took my sin and made me pure.
He took my fear, made me secure.

He took my heart His home to be.
He took my pride to humble me.

He took my anger, gave me peace.
He took my past and gave release.

He took my will to make it new.
He took my life—His now to use.

He gave me faith and hope and love
A future home in heaven above.

He gave compassion, mercy, grace
Abundant joy—all mine to take. 

So when I think about the cross
And the Savior's sacrifice.
My heart is filled with wonder and awe
He was willing to pay the price.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I am proud to announce that my granddaughter has written her first novel, and it is now available through the Kindle store at Amazon through the following link:

My granddaughter's book, Journey of Faith, falls in the genre of adventure/fantasy and is the first in a series called "Destiny's Call."  Following is an excerpt that will hopefully whet your appetite for more.

"It is time to start your training," Querid said. 

"What training?" Faith questioned. They had walked out of hearing distance of the others, and now Querid sat on a rock with his staff in his lap and peering at her intently. 

"You must be ready for battle with the enemy forces. They are always watching, and they will watch you extremely closely since you have already chosen Xenon. They will want to drag you back into the darkness," the wizard explained. 

"Who are they?" Faith asked, wondering if she was strong enough to stand against these evil beings.

"They are the Bazzalth, and their leader is Nevith, Dark Lord of the world. The Bazzalth have been misled by Nevith, and now they’re basically his slaves,” Querid told her.

"How can I stand strong against them? Are they not stronger than I am?” Faith questioned. 

"Xenon is stronger than they are; and as His follower, you are also. However, Xenon will allow you to be tested so that you may grow stronger. Don’t worry; He will not give you a trial you cannot handle. Allow me to train you so that you will be able to resist temptation and walk the straight path to Paradise," Querid urged. 

[end excerpt]
My granddaughter is a homeschooler that is very active in volleyball and in the worship ministry at our church.  She hopes to use the proceeds from the sale of her book to raise money for mission trips and other ministry opportunities. 

My prayer is that you will want to encourage this young writer as she begins her journey to become an established author.