Sunday, June 13, 2010

He Giveth Perfect Peace

I am going to be on vacation for a couple of weeks, so I thought I would share with you some original poetry and some new scripture cards. I hope they encourage you in your fellowship with the Savior and strengthen you through the truth of His word.

As I think of meeting Jesus face to face before His throne,
My heart is filled with wonder knowing heaven will be my home.

In light of all its beauty, the thoughts come rushing in—
How could He have left to come to earth, become my sin?

The Word declares it gave Him joy to think of my salvation
As He silently endured the stripes, the shame, the degradation.

Though I would fail Him many times, He set His face like flint.
He rose victorious from the grave and home to heaven went.

And now before the Father He is ever interceding
To help me fight temptation when the devil is deceiving.

Such love, such grace, such mercy to a sinner such as I
Is beyond my understanding no matter how I try.

All He asks is that I love Him and accept His gift in faith.
Then share the truth with others while His coming we await.

My life is full of choices made I wish I could forget--
Of sin and selfishness and pride; I owe Him quite a debt.

His precious blood has washed me clean; my heart can be at rest.
My sins have been removed as far as east is from the west.

My days on earth were numbered while as yet a babe unborn.
So when the Father calls me home, it’s not the time to mourn.

It’s time for joy, a time for praise, a time for celebration—
A heart that’s pure and worship born of holy adoration.

Though we may part for just a while, His purpose to fulfill.
The blessings will be worth it when the future is revealed.

So trust in God the Father, in the Savior, His dear Son;
Take comfort in the Spirit, the Almighty—Three in One.

Until my race is over, my prayers will not cease;
I’ll keep my eyes on Jesus; He giveth perfect peace.

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