Thursday, December 4, 2008

Daniel’s Prayer and Today’s Church

As I was reading through Daniel’s prayer for his people yet again, I began to think about what an example it was of what our prayer in the “church” in America should be today. Using Daniel’s prayer as my guide, this is my prayer.

O Lord, the great and awesome God, I know You are true to Your word and that you are full of mercy and compassion for those who love You and call You LORD and obey Your word. We, your true church in America, have sinned and have made wrong choices that have resulted in allowing evil to prosper. We have rebelled against the principles You established for us in Your word and compromised with the world. We have adulterated the truth of Your word for our own purposes. We have not paid attention to Your word as declared by anointed men of faith. In spite of the many willing to boldly declare the truth of Your word, the church has chosen to divide rather than seek unity through the leading of the Spirit.

O Lord, You are righteous, and we are a shameful example of who You are to the unsaved masses. Father, we are ashamed of the leaders we have chosen to lead our nation in rebellion against You and to embrace the deception of the “god of this world,” Satan. We are to blame for this poor testimony because of our apathy and not choosing to love You with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. We have allowed evil to prosper through our willingness to be tolerant and compromise with the world. We have depended upon our own wisdom and have rejected Your wisdom.

We in the body of believers know that You are ready and willing to forgive us of our sin and rebellion if we but sincerely repent and ask. We know that nothing can separate us from Your love and protection. We also know that you chasten those You love and that we will reap what we sow. You have been so longsuffering, yet we know that Your righteousness demands that sin be punished. There is a remnant in the “church” who are penitent and are seeking Your face. Even as we seek Your face for mercy, we pray, “Your will be done.” We know that nothing can touch the lives of Your children except it be for good and to Your glory.

Strengthen us, Lord, in the power of Your Holy Spirit to boldly stand for the truth of Your word in love. Help us to love the sinner even as we hate his sin. Fill us with a zeal and passion to honor You in what we do, say and think. Help us, Lord, to die to self and truly place you on the throne of our lives. O Father, hear the prayer of Your servant and cause Your face to shine upon Your true church in America. May we serve as salt and light in turning our nation back to You. Father, our desire is to bring You honor and glory.

In the name of Your precious Son Jesus, our Savior, we pray, Amen.

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