Friday, August 14, 2015


I just listened to the following 13-minute message from Jonathan Cahn, and I believe it is a message that we as Christians should heed.  I've read so many disparaging comments about this man from "fellow Christians" that I just don't understand.  I do not know him at all; and, unlike so many of his detractors, have actually read The Harbinger.  He is very careful to let you know that He is only drawing conclusions about coming judgment upon America based on the revelation from God's word regarding His treatment of Israel.  That was the whole purpose that the LORD chose Israel--to declare Him to the nations and to bless the nations of the world by birthing the Messiah.  His character is unchanging and that includes the principles established in His word. 

The link to Mr. Cahn's message is:  A MESSAGE FROM JONATHAN CAHN - AUGUST 2015

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